Working culture has evolved significantly since previous generations. Remote work had a significant moment when COVID-19 required organizations all over the globe to send their staff home to work digitally.

Yes, many companies were caught off guard by the rush to provide employees with all of the tools they’d need to work from home. However, once everyone had settled in, it became clear to many office-based teams that employees could be just as productive and focused when they weren’t in the office. Employers all over the world began to realize that remote work is a viable option.

But new tools and technologies are required to develop good communication in order to adapt to rapidly changing working situations. Efficient business communication software with real time language translation features will propel your brand to new heights.

And having a decent communication tool can assist you in avoiding bottlenecks and challenges to effective communication.

In this blog, we’ll go through the most important aspects of Trulinco, the most powerful communication platform for businesses and startups.

What is Trulinco?

The advent of the internet has connected people globally, but establishing the connection is still unresolved. Different languages are not allowing people to communicate with each other. But at Trulinco, we made the impossible POSSIBLE! We bring you the hi-tech tool to communicate and connect live with anyone in the world in your own language. Yes, you heard it right!

Address thousands of people of different languages at the same time and give a leading edge to your business with our smart app and connect with people across the world. We not only work as a translator but also act as a powerful communication platform accumulating real-time language translation along with live-teleconferencing and online chat services.

So, expanding your business internationally is no more a hassle now. As we believe in providing advanced industry skills to the table and giving a boost to your company.

How We Work?

You Speak We Translate!

In simple words, you speak in your own language while Trulinco will perform real-time translation and convey the message to another individual in their own language. And it’s not limited to one or two persons.

Multiple people speaking different languages can connect with each other and exchange messages with our real-time translation and chat services.

What is Real-Time Translation?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: real-time translation technology. It is essentially a technological solution that immediately transforms information from one language to another. RTT can be used by anyone to gain a “sense” of interpretation, quick credible sources and cobbling together conversation with someone who speaks a different language.

Trulinco- A Tool for Global Business Assistance

With the advancement of networking and computer vision, it is expected that most businesses would use real-time translation technologies, which will aid them in opening new avenues for creating new income channels.

However, in order to meet demand, connectivity must be powerful enough to aid in the acceleration of the process of translation.

Remote Working

Before the arrival of the pandemic, remote working had already placed its foot in developed countries. But after Covid-19, the working culture has gone through many changes. People started adopting remote working or popularly known as work from home culture. This opened new doors for the company. As a result, firm executives no longer need to compromise on resources, and employees no longer need to be physically present. Companies, however, continue to hire workers who speak their preferred language.

Trulinco allows you to hire people from all around the world without sacrificing essential talent. For example, a company in India will be able to hire qualified candidates from China without having to overcome linguistic barriers. So why confine your business to a single country when you may expand outside the borders?

Office Meeting

Because of the remote working of business operations, office meetings have become more important than ever. 

Clearly, without office meetings, planning and implementation would be chaotic. But what if you have meetings with clients from other countries? Should you lose the opportunity to expand your business just at the cost of language hurdles? Not at all.

Trulinco enables users to interact via text, phone, and video calls, with real-time translation across different languages. Wherein, the sender can speak in their own mother tongue and the receiver will receive the message in their preferable language.

What else does one require? Get your

External Meetings

Having external meetings is no longer a hassle. Any form of external meeting, such as a sales or business meeting, can be held anywhere with participants speaking multiple languages. Trulinco is an excellent communication partner for increasing sales and communicating clearly about corporate objectives.

Community Building

To thrive in a competitive market, every business, I repeat, every business, must cultivate a community of devoted customers. It’s pointless without it. Advertising was once the primary means of engaging audiences. However, times have changed. Smartphones and social media are the hotspots, and businesses must tap into them in order to reach their target clients. But do you want your brand to be limited to local markets and customers? Trulinco allows you to become worldwide and communicate with people who speak different languages.

Trulinco provides group features such as Voice Call Translation, Video Call Translation, Document Translation that enable businesses and startups to create user and customer-specific communication channels. Furthermore, the powerful tool will help you increase user engagement through promotional messaging, surveys, and great user retention. As a result, you won’t have to limit your boundaries within the country.

Promotional Elements

Trulinco provides a variety of promotional features such as:

Group invitation Up to 25K members

Maintaining too many project teams is a difficult endeavor in and of itself. Trulinco real time language translation features allows you to add up to 25K members via invitation only. You’ll also get powerful end-to-end encryption to offer users with private chatting.

Broadcast 2500 contacts

Do you need to send a notification or a promotional message? With a single swipe, you may instantly send your message to 2500 contacts.

General Features

Aside from corporations, Trulinco offers a number of advantages to end users, including:

Voice- Connect through a phone call with no linguistic limitations.

Video- Facetime with people all around the world at any time and from any location via video.

Chat Use text messages and voice notes to communicate with others.

Group Call- A group call allows people who speak different languages to participate in group sessions together.

BroadcastingA message can be transmitted to a big number of people all at once.

Group Feature- It offers a group feature that enables users to create groups of people who speak different languages.


Real-time translation is still quite important in today’s environment. Our multilingual and multicultural world is at a crossroads when clear and effective connection between languages and dialects is required.

Customer expectations for turnaround times have shifted dramatically as a result of the digital economy. Fast translation services no longer refer to days or hours; it instead refers to minutes and seconds. Companies that use real-time translation services would outperform their competition and remain competitive in global markets.

The integration of translation benefits businesses, schools, and medical missions alike. Contact us now! for integrating Trulinco with your business software. Through the force of translation, you will not only be able to attract more customers than you ever imagined, but you will also be able to engage with users on a much more adequate level. The robust communication tool Trulinco will give your business new heights without a doubt.

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