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Trulinco translator a Communication App which makes it easy for you to translate multiple languages.

What is Trulinco?

The advent of the internet has connected people globally, but establishing the connection is still unresolved. Different languages are not allowing people to communicate with each other. But at Trulinco, we made the impossible POSSIBLE! We bring you the hi-tech tool to communicate and connect live with anyone in the world in your own language. Yes, you heard it right!

Trulinco is for everyone. You will get up to 200 languages translated in real time. So, communicate by Video call, Voice call, Chat and Seminars with a large group of people and connect with individuals all over the world. Web conferencing allows you to address thousands of individuals in your language, and the other person will receive information in the language they have selected in the first place.

We are a powerful communication platform accumulating real-time translation along with live-teleconferencing and online chat services. Expanding your business internationally is no more a hassle now. As we believe in providing advanced industry skills to the table and giving a boost to your company.

So, sign up for the Trulinco platform. Engage with clients and users, network, socialize and reach out to a larger community without being hampered by a language barrier.

Video– Facetime anytime and anywhere with individuals across the world.
Voice– Connect through call without any language disruption.
Chat– Engage with people through text messages and voice notes.

Here’s a little more about Trulinco Translator app

Our Vision

To unite the people across the world irrespective of their language.

Our Mission

Providing a high-tech platform to break the language barriers and establish a fruitful communication.

Our Policy

The Trulinco application will reduce the boundaries between the individuals by allowing them a means to get connected via a Video/Audio calls or text message.

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