As  you know many businesses either do not expand globally or limit their operations to nations or remote work where they share a common language. Cultural and linguistic differences can result in poor communication, fear, and commercial risk. According to surveys, the majority of companies believe language hurdles as the key reason for not expanding internationally.

There has never been a more crucial time to have a real-time language translator that is appropriate for their roles and the company’s future needs.

When employees struggle to grasp the language in which you do the majority of your company operations, they may fail to understand the issues or concerns you wish to address. They may overlook the importance of a task or merely nod their heads when they do not understand what is being stated!

As you are aware, all of these circumstances can lead to serious misconceptions, which can disrupt work and eventually have a negative impact on the bottom line. With the correct business translation, this can be prevented.

You can use electronic translators to help with emails and web pages, but they won’t help with real-time contact. Furthermore, the accuracy of such programmes is frequently questioned, and many of them translate in such a way that the original language patterns are lost.

What to Consider in Real-time Translation Services

If you want to establish real-time interpretation services for your company, you must first ensure that whatever technology you use is compatible with your present video calling app. Will there be training or a demo if it’s a stand-alone web-based or mobile app?

Although less of an issue on newer machines, hardware requirements must be satisfied as well, so make sure to check device specifications before investing. Consider the voice translation and background noise in your location as well, as these will impair the text translation service’s ability.

Another important factor to consider is which languages the company can offer you. If you are a worldwide firm, you will require far more resources.

Budgeting is also an important aspect of this, so make sure to prioritize the requirements of certain teammates first, especially those who are battling with language problems and may require interpretation services.


Do you also feel that there is a need to bridge the language divide? Is language preventing you from expanding your business?

Trulinco, language Translation software businesses. It is a powerful business communication tool that works as a one-man army to break through language barriers. It acts as a key to career growth for companies and startups. It is committed to solving one of the major problems of MNCs and startup businesses by providing them an ultimate platform to expand business, promote peer learning, engage communities and build a strong connection with their customers.

Address thousands of people of different languages at the same time and give a leading edge to your business with our smart app and connect with people across the world. Trulinco not only works as a translator but also acts as a powerful communication platform accumulating real-time translation along with live-teleconferencing and online chat services.

Furthermore, you will have multiple languages translated in real time. So, expanding your business internationally is no more a hassle now. Trulinco believes in providing advanced industry skills to the table and giving a boost to your company.

Benefits of Real-time Translation Services

Increased revenue is the result of great ideas. And real-time translation services are a fantastic idea that would give a boost to your business. Some of the benefits are:

One-Stop Platform for Effective Communication

Trulinco is a full-fledged app to provide you with real time-translation services and a platform to communicate with anyone around the globe. So no need to keep multiple apps. Connect, chat and enjoy!

Solving Language-Barrier

It’s a fantastic tool in the hands of multinational corporations (MNCs), allowing them to enter worldwide marketplaces and create a recognised firm. Furthermore, it helps SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and startups get started and establish a community of skilled persons without having to worry about language and concentrate on talents.

Time Optimization

If you need to connect with various clients internationally from various corners of the world, then Trulinco is what you need. Speak in your own language and use our live translation feature to convey your ideas across the world. It will save you time and allow you to deliver information in one step.

Grow your Business

One should not limit their boundaries to expand their business. Build a powerful community by forming a group on the platform where you can add 25,000 participants in a single group. And if you have any promotional content to share, you can instantly share using Trulinco which will broadcast your message upto 1000-2500 people. Give your business an opportunity to grow higher where we are not separated by our language instead connected with it!

How Do We Do It?

You Speak We Translate!

In simple words, you speak in your own language while Trulinco will perform real-time translation and convey the message to another individual in their own language. And it’s not limited to one or two persons. Many people speaking different languages can connect with each other and exchange messages with our real-time translation and chat services.

Best of Communication Tool Features

Trulinco offers varied translation features and is a game changing communication medium for all kinds. Because it is for everyone. 

Business Features

Trulinco offers path-breaking features for businesses to expand globally.

Conferencing/ Webinars

There are numerous advantages to using video conferencing services. In the workplace, they can boost employee productivity while also improving communication and interaction with coworkers, partners, and customers. Real-time translation services allow conferencing/ webinars across the world which will help you reach a greater audience.

Office Meeting

The group call feature in Trulinco allows businesses to connect via video with people speaking 100 different languages at the same time. Eventually, office meetings can happen anywhere, anytime without a language-barrier.

 Internal employee

Business Meeting

Company leaders from all over the world can hold business meetings regardless of language barriers. Businesses can reach national and international clients with real-time video translation services. Eventually, this will lead to growth prospects by expanding across the globe.

Promotional Features

Trulinco offers varied promotional features like:

Group Feature – upto 25K members through the invitation only

Managing too many work groups is a task in itself. Trulinco provides a group feature wherein you can add up to 25K members through invitation only. Also, you’ll get strong end-to-end encryption to provide private messaging to the users.

Broadcast –  2500 contacts

Have a notification or promotional message to send? Broadcast your message to 2500 contacts instantly with just one tap.

General Characteristics

Aside from enterprises, Trulinco provides a variety of benefits to end customers, including:

Final Thoughts

When expanding your business internationally, a trustworthy translation service will keep you from losing a sizable proportion of possible clients in your target countries.

Language hurdles, if not handled effectively, can present insurmountable challenges for organizations attempting to enter new markets abroad. However, dealing with international business partners may be made much more effective and pleasurable by enlisting the help of a language service specialist who is familiar with the target market’s culture and language. Our skilled translators and interpreters at Trulinco will endeavor to ensure that your company’s message is easy to understand and relatable to overseas consumers. Contact us now! for integrating Trulinco with you business messengers.

Working with language service providers eliminates these concerns and allows for greater flexibility in all cross-cultural contacts, so business owners no longer have to worry about whether their brand’s message has been effectively transmitted to their international partners.

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