Every business begins with a notion to make the world a better place by making people’s lives easier. It could be through technology or a novel idea. When it comes to business expansion, however, finance becomes a concern. Aside from that, the main challenge that an organization encounters is linguistic barriers. For instance, company heads in India can’t recruit Chinese people due to hurdles in languages and Vice-versa. It isn’t possible for every company like startups and SMEs to recruit top level people in their organization. And, even MNCs would think twice to recruit people from across the world as language would be the biggest barrier in their communication.

So, if businesses would get real-time translation and support for audio and video calls, market research, market understanding, team development, and establishing effective communication becomes easier and helps their business thrive.

So now we’d like to introduce you to the robust communication tool that can help you in many ways from hiring to client meetings, office meetings, and promotions by translating text, voice, and video calls.

Trulinco is your SAVIOR!


What is Trulinco?

Trulinco is a hi-tech tool to communicate and connect live with anyone in the world in your own language. Yes, you heard it right!

Address thousands of people of different languages at the same time and give a leading edge to your business with our smart app and connect with people across the world. Trulinco not only works as a translator but also acts as a powerful communication platform accumulating real-time translation along with live-teleconferencing and online chat services.

How It Works

A company builds from its team, and the success of the company is dependent on its workforce. Trulinco is a powerful communication tool that aids in team building, market understanding, and successful communication, among other things.

You Speak We Translate!

In simple words, you speak in your own language while Trulinco will perform real-time translation and convey the message to another individual in their own language. And it’s not limited to one or two persons.

Many people speaking different languages can connect with each other and exchange messages with our real-time translation and chat services.

Top Benefits of Real-Time Translation for Your Business

Your industry influence is defined by the amount of clients you reach, as well as other considerations. Customers dislike multinational companies that deliver content in a language they do not understand. When consumers discover that they are unable to understand what is accessible on your website, they will go on to your competitors that have user-friendly information. As a result, worldwide businesses must generate language-friendly business material.

For that, Trulinco is the perfect place to provide real-time translation services for your business. Some of the benefits of real-time translation services are:

Establish Effective Communication

During conversation, we frequently encounter confusion and misunderstanding. The meaning of communication is frequently lost among different languages and people from various cultures.

When firms exchange information with one another, effective communication becomes essential. And real-time translation services help to ease this problem and remove the barrier of confusion to establish effective communication.

Recruiting the best talent from various languages

Due to language hurdles, businesses sometimes limit their ability to hire people across borders. Trulinco, on the other hand, makes your job easier by giving you a robust communication tool.

There are no borders or distances that can prevent you from attracting the best talent from around the world. For example, a firm leader in India can hire potential candidates from China without concerns for linguistic barriers.

Expanding your business across boundaries

Business expansion is not a hassle now, nationally and internationally. Real-time translation services bring different communities and countries closer.

For instance, India has people speaking different languages. So various communities and people of different states with varied mother tongues can interact without language as their hurdles. Similarly, people living in the USA can expand their business in China, and vice-versa.


Cross-training is the practice of learning to do more than one job in order to become more professionally well-rounded. Cross-training is the process by which a staff person learns how to perform specified activities by working with another staff member for a set period of time.

Individuals working in a multi-national company spread across various countries can communicate in their own language using real time video and voice call translation. In this way one can share their work and share their experiences and skills with each other.

Office Meeting

After the advent of the pandemic, people have started working from home. And the company CEOs have begun adopting this change wherein giant companies have declared work from home for their employees for life. This has necessitated the switch to digital sources.

Trulinco understands it and brings the communication tool wherein office employees speaking different languages can communicate easily. Leaders of the company can hire potential talent from other countries to fulfill their requirements and give additional boost to their company.

Thinktank and Brainstorming

Can you imagine Einstein and Swami Vivekanand sitting together under a roof and discussing their ideas? Impossible, isn’t it? But Trulinco makes it possible wherein language wouldn’t be a barrier and allows like-minded people from all over the world to share their ideas and make a difference in the world.  International minds across the world can come together with different speaking languages to resolve issues and discuss things. It enables you to get together like-minded individuals and solve all the business challenges without any hassle.

Features of the Best Communication Tool

Trulinco has a variety of functions and is a game-changing communication medium for people of all walks of life. Because it applies to everyone.

Business Features

Trulinco provides ground-breaking features that allow firms to expand globally.


Using video conferencing services has numerous advantages. They can increase employee efficiency in the workplace while also boosting communication and interaction with coworkers, partners, and customers. Real-time translation services enable global conferencing/webinars, allowing you to reach a larger audience.

Meeting in the Office

Trulinco’s group call function enables businesses to communicate via video with people speaking 100 different languages at the same time. Office meetings will eventually be able to take place anywhere, at any time, and without regard for language barriers.

Internal worker

Meeting of Business People

Regardless of language obstacles, corporate executives from all around the world can hold meetings. Real-time video translation services enable businesses to contact national and international clients.

Promotional Elements

Trulinco provides a variety of promotional features such as:

Group invitation Up to 25K members

Maintaining too many project teams is a difficult endeavor in and of itself. Trulinco has a group feature that allows you to add up to 25K members via invitation only. You’ll also get powerful end-to-end encryption to offer users with private chatting.

Broadcast 2500 contacts

Do you need to send a notification or a promotional message? With a single swipe, you may instantly send your message to 2500 contacts.

General Features

Aside from corporations, Trulinco offers a number of advantages to end users, including:

Voice- Connect through a phone call with no linguistic limitations.

Video- Facetime with people all around the world at any time and from any location via video.

Chat Use text messages and voice notes to communicate with others.

Group Call- A group call allows people who speak different languages to participate in group sessions together.

BroadcastingA message can be transmitted to a big number of people all at once.

Group Feature- It offers a group feature that enables users to create groups of people who speak different languages.

Wrapping Up

Marketing companies no longer have the option of concentrating their efforts on a particular market. Their companies’ marketplaces are global, and their clients are divided into several categories. Those who consider these three trends and continue to hunt for new ones will keep ahead of its competition and expand globally.

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